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Streetview by Google

Despite being a pedestrian-only island you can still use Google Streetview to explore much  of our island as they have used their Streetview Trekker back-pack system to wander around Cheung Chau and capture many views which can be seen via Google Maps and Google Earth.

Not all the island is covered, and strangely some of the major routes are missing such as the very bottom of Cheung Chau Peak Road, however equally some interesting but remote areas are included such as the Italian Beach, even extending onto the sand itself.

Here is the view as you alight from the ferry pier which is a great place to start, while below are a list of some of the treasures of our island that Google have captured with their Streetview Trekker Back Pack!

View from Ferry Pier

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As you can see not all of the island is covered, this map shows, roughly, which areas have streetview images though if you zoom in you can see the blue lines do not match up accurately with the roads.

Contact us with any more special places you find of interest!

Food Restaurants

A lot of people come to Cheung Chau specifically for the food, and there are indeed a range of traditional and modern choices. As a historic fishing village it is of course very related to seafood, fish and marine products. Here you will find a full range of seafood dishes, but also traditional Hong Kong Cafe fare, Cantonese Dim Sum and international choices as well.

Catering to the large number of visitors who are coming to Cheung Chau for a seafood lunch or dinner there is a stretch of seafront with many seafood restaurants. Each one has tables by the sea as well as some indoor seating. Focusing on providing food for visitors it concentrates on rustic and traditional Cantonese presentations of seafood. Try a steamed fish with ginger and spring onion, stir fried little clams with chili, crispy deep fried squid or steamed garlic prawns. Typical accompaniments such as plain or fried rice, beef and broccoli stir fry and sweet and sour pork make for a complete meal and cater to those who do not like seafood.

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