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Inter-island ferry Pictures

The small Inter-Island ferry service is operated using the double decker boat named Ming River. It does a circular route that includes Cheung Chau, Mui Wo on Lantau and Peng Chau. On roughly alternate trips it also stops as Chi Ma Wan also on Lantau.

Here the ferry is seen leaving Cheung Chau on the way to Lantau. The ferry takes about 35 minutes to reach Lantau and is slow and peaceful. Airconditioning is available on parts of the boat though the prices are all the same. It is rarely busy during the middle of the day though the early morning trips that take people who live on Cheung Chau to work on Lantau can be packed.

A great way to include multiple island destinations into a trip to Cheung Chau the Inter-Island ferry gives you the chance to come from Hong Kong Island to Cheung Chau, then later in the day visit Lantau or Peng Chau before returning directly from there to HK. Careful planning of the schedule is necessary though as the inter-island ferry is infrequent compared to other island ferries.




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